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Terms and Conditions Agreement

All families enrolling at Whoosh Club agree to our terms and conditions as part of the enrolment process; the process may also be referred to as registration.

Changes to the terms may be made and families will be notified via email or notice at Whoosh Club.

Registration and Activity Enrolment

Wait-listing with Whoosh Club comes at no cost to you.

When you enrol your child with Whoosh Club you are enrolling for your child to participate in the extra-curricular activity offered; we do not provide after school care for children that do not wish to participate in the activity. Whoosh Club’s purpose is to facilitate children’s participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities in a warm, safe, inviting and convenient location.

Whoosh Club will offer enrolment in afternoon activities on a first-come, first-served basis. Where additional days of registration are sought by a family that is already registered, or a sibling of a child already registered/enrolled, preference may be given to this family. If you are offered enrolment in an activity and you decline the offer, you are still able to remain on the wait-list in your current position. If you decline a second time, additional offers may be withdrawn at Whoosh Club's discretion.

Enrolment Fees and Ongoing Costs.

Our afternoon fee is $42.00.

Whoosh Club term fees are payable on the first Monday of the school term. If your fees are not paid by week 3 of the given term, our offer of enrolment may be withdrawn. If you would like to pay the fees in installments, please speak with Jocelyn Whisker otherwise all fees are processed for the school term in full. Families are able to claim the Creative Kids Voucher via Whoosh Club.

Ongoing Enrolment/ Ending your Enrolment

Your enrolment is for the duration of the school term and will roll over to the following school term and school year unless you notify Whoosh Club via email to end your enrolment. Whoosh Club requires an email to end your enrolment prior to the beginning of the school term. Enrolment fees continue to be payable regardless of attendance.

Feedback on Extra-curricular providers

Whoosh Club partners with extra-curricular providers who are experienced professionals. If at any point the providers have not meet your expectations, please contact Jocelyn Whisker to discuss your concern. We encourage you to visit the provider’s websites prior to enrolling to ensure that you understand the purpose of the activity you are enrolling in.

We aim to have continuous and long term agreements with our Whoosh Club partners. Activities will be provided for a minimum of 1 school term. If the activity or the provider is not of interest to the children, does not meet our expectations or is no longer suitable we will provide an alternative activity. If the activity is not suitable for you or your child, you may end your enrolment prior to the new term commencing. We welcome your suggestions and referrals for Whoosh Club partners.

Collection of Children from school

To ensure the absolute safety of children, we offer a 'walking bus' from Neutral Bay Public School on each school day. You are also welcome to collect your child from school and drop them off at Whoosh Club; please sign your child in at Whoosh Club if/when you do so.

We take the responsibility for your child(ren) very seriously. We will not leave the school without your child or without knowing that your child is safe somewhere else. To assist us in collecting the children in an efficient time frame, please talk to your child about meeting the Whoosh Club team promptly once school finishes.

You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your child’s Whoosh Club schedule including absence from school or Whoosh Club or if any other person will collect your child from school.

Please pack a rain coat or an umbrella in case of wet weather.

Collecting your Child from Whoosh Club

Whoosh Club closes at 6pm. Only known persons will be permitted to collect your child from Whoosh Club. This will include persons listed on your enrolment form, or a person for whom you have provided written authorisation (in advance) to the Whoosh Club team. Children will not be permitted to sign out & leave Whoosh Club without an authorised person or unless prior arrangements have been made.

You will be charged a late collection fee at the rate of $20 per 15 minutes, if you collect your child after 6pm. If you are running late, please call us to let us know.

Repeated late collection of your child may result in your child’s registration being withdrawn.

Whoosh Club Behaviour Agreement

Our team and our Club partners will treat your child with respect, understanding and warmth. We expect children at our Club will treat us with respect, follow our directions to keep them safe and to ensure that everyone at Whoosh Club can enjoy themselves. Children that hurt others or damage our space or are disrespectful to our team may have their registration withdrawn.

Your child is welcome to complete their homework while they are not participating in the extra-curricular activity. We will provide a number of iPads and laptops to assist with homework.  Your child will need their log in details to the program required to complete their homework, such as Reading Eggs or Mathletics. 'Web surfing' will only be permitted for homework research.

We do not accept responsibility for your child’s mobile device/tablet if they choose to bring this along. While at Whoosh Club, such devices are only to be used to complete homework.

Homework and internet access

Food at  Whoosh Club

For added convenience we will provide daily afternoon tea and fruit. Water will be available at all times. Children will be required to eat in our dining area only.  Children are welcome to bring along their own snack that does not contain any nuts however we encourage the children to eat with us; it’s part of the Whoosh Club experience


photos and videos

Parents/guardians consent to their child being photographed or filmed at the service or during a programmed activity. Parents/guardians consent to any of those images, together with their child’s first name being used by Whoosh Club in connection to;

  • Display on our premises (internal)

  • Keeping records of their child’s service activities including artwork whether in a group or as an individual;

  • Recording dietary or allergy information or for other health or wellbeing purposes.


In the event of any illness or injury to your child whilst your child is in the custody or control of Whoosh Club and if in the opinion of Whoosh Club, it is necessary to do so, parents/guardians authorise Whoosh Club to seek urgent:

  • Medical or dental treatment from a hospital or ambulance service, or

  • assistance from some other person nominated on the enrolment form or ambulance transportation. Parents/guardians will reimburse Whoosh Club for any charges, costs or expenses incurred by it in obtaining the medical or hospital treatment.

Whoosh Club will inform you as soon as possible about the nature of the illness or injury to your child.

By enrolling at Whoosh Club you understand and accept that the service team can only administer medication to their child at their request if:

  • The medication has been authorised by you and a qualified medical practitioner; and

  • The details of the medication and its administration have been accurately recorded in the Medication Authorisation Form.

Paracetamol will not be provided by the team to be given to any child.


Health and Safety